Work Program

                       We are putting Panama City back to work and back on their feet.

Being without permanent shelter is terrifying and demoralizing, but we are restoring hope for those who find themselves on the streets, sleeping on someone’s couch or living out of expensive hotels.

While enrolled in the work program at the Panama City Rescue Mission, clients can live in a safe and secure environment for up to six months while saving money to acquire permanent housing.

Step 1 – If you already have a full-time job, but need a place to stay, come to the Rescue Mission Support Center and complete an application for the Work Program.

Step 2 – As long as applicants can pass a Urine Analysis and are not sex offenders, they usually qualify. All you need is a full-time job and a desire to save your money so you can get back to being financially independent.

Step 3 – After at least 3 months in the Work Program, most people qualify for financial assistance from other agencies that help them with rent, moving expenses, and utilities.

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