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Monthly Giving Program

Welcome to the Gracious Givers monthly giving program, the backbone of support for the Panama City Rescue Mission and Bethel Village. Did you know that for as little as $25 a month, your donation can make a significant financial impact? As a Gracious Giver, you are an integral part of our budget, giving our organization the monthly financial stability we need to continue our mission of serving those in need.

The benefits of being a Gracious Giver are many.

  • By becoming a monthly donor, you help significantly increase revenue without having to increase the size of your gift.

  • You don’t have to remember to write a check each month, making it much easier to give.

  • You will be removed from most regular mailings (except newsletters and holiday mailings) and will receive far less mail from us.

  • You will be recognized and appreciated with on-going displays of gratitude.

  • Discounts at the Bargain Centers: Your Gracious Givers card gets you a 10% discount whenever you shop at our thrift stores.

  • You will receive a donation contribution statement at the end of each year for tax purposes.

When you give automatically each month, we know we can expect your gift each month and can budget for it. This, not only makes a significant impact in providing shelter and food for those in need in our community but, also, guarantees a place in the recovery program for the next person desperately seeking help for their addiction. Here’s how your automatic monthly donation can make a difference:

Individual Impact:

$  25                     Average Individual Gift                                               $  25

      7                      Number of times per year                                              12

$175                     Annual Value                                                                 $300

      5                      Number sheltered and fed at $35 each per day           8-9

If we pool your automatic monthly donation with the automatic monthly donations of others, imagine the impact that could have!

TO SIGN UP, either return the commitment form below or simply click on the red Donate button to the left and sign up. Be sure to set your “Donation Frequency” to “Monthly” rather than “One Time.” THANK YOU for your support!